We’re Moving!

In addition to my cookbook and our trip to Italy, we have one last mega life update I haven’t shared with you yet…We sold our house and are moving this weekend!

While many of our friends have begun to leave downtown and move to the suburbs, Ben and I are doing the reverse. On Saturday, we are leaving our lovely suburban home—the one that Ben grew up in—and downsizing to a smaller townhome in downtown Milwaukee.

This move doesn’t come lightly, and it’s not one that I would have predicted when we bought our home from Ben’s parents four years ago. It is, however, a change that has been on my heart for some time, and I’m grateful that Ben is willing to give this change in lifestyle a chance.

I still look around our house and can’t believe how blessed I am to live under a roof that is more spacious than I ever imagined my first home would be. I have a generous kitchen and office, room for guests to come and stay, and as first-time homeowners, it’s also been an immeasurable help and comfort to be able to call up the prior homeowner (Ben’s dad) any time we have a question. We adore all of our neighbors who’ve known Ben from childhood too. We have much to treasure here.

At the same time, however, the last several years I’ve grown restless and come to feel out of place. I miss the city’s bustle, being able to walk to restaurants or coffee shops, and, as an extrovert who works from home, being alone in a house in the ’burbs all day isn’t the best fit for me either. (more…)

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