How Hormones Affect Your Weight Gain

How Hormones Affect
Your Weight Gain

In yesterdays Blog we talked about 6 chemicals that affect your hormones and disrupt how they work.

Today, we’re going to take that one step further and understand how your hormones affect your weight gain.

Because if they [your hormones] go out of balance, your weight goes out of balance. And yes you can try to balance your hormones, but why not go to the root of the problem. Go to what disrupts your hormones so that they go back to normal.

Wouldn’t you love a normally working body?

5 Hormones Responsible for Weight Gain

1. Thyroid

This is responsible for your metabolism, sleep, growth. So its at the core of understanding weight gain.

2. Insulin

Insulin manages the blood sugar levels in your body. It tells the body when to secrete excess blood sugar. But when its out of whack it doesn’t respond the same way and allows high levels of blood sugar and consequent weight gain.

3. Leptin

Normally Leptin tells your brain you are full and to stop eating. But if you eat a lot of sugar (see above) your fat cells convert that to fat which secrete leptin and the body gets bombarded with too much Leptin and stops reacting to it.

4. Ghrelin

Also known as the ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin stimulates appetite and increases the laying down of fat deposits. It works together with Leptin. Which works with Insulin.

5. Estrogen

Any imbalance in this causes weight gain. We get a lot of this from the chemicals animals are fed these days. It either causes blood sugar levels to rise if high, or the body to lay down fat if low. It works with Insulin. Which works with Leptin. Which affects Ghrelin.

So the thing is, where did this start? Which is the chicken, and which is the egg?

Hormones are delicate, complex, combined, dependent.

If one goes out of whack. Another does. And another. And you can get unexplained weight gain.

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