Blueberry Date Shake

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It’s a healthy dessert day! I have a recipe for a rich and creamy Blueberry Date Shake for you. It reminds me of the old fashioned shakes I used to order at our late-night high school diner but this sneaky date shake recipe is made without ice cream. Grab your straw and a spoon, and let’s get sipping!

Blueberry Date Shake. Healthy vegan “milkshake” made without ice cream! Frozen banana, blueberry, almond milk, and any of your favorite fruit. Like a California date shake from Palm Springs, for a fraction of the cost!

My love for milkshakes began in my childhood, when my dad would make vanilla shakes in the blender for my sisters and I as a special post-dinner treat.

The milkshake affair continued on to high school, where every Friday (and some Saturdays), my friends and I would end the night at the one and only 24-hour diner on our side of town. My order was always a large strawberry shake. I’d pressure my then boyfriend into ordering fries so that I could dip them (I KNOW. I’m one of those fry-in-the Frosty people).

In college, I worked at a late night on-campus eatery that served a variety of treats, including milkshakes. All the employees had to take a few Friday or Saturday night shifts, so I became intimately acquainted with the shake needs of rowdy undergrads at 3 a.m.

Now? I still love the taste, texture, and refreshing nature of milkshakes but not the heavy feeling they leave in my stomach afterward. (more…)

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